openAgent : Redefining the future of AI with autonomous agents & Custom AI models.

Build custom AI models

Create chatbots, voice assistants and more with our custom AI models that power your voice and image generation needs. It’s as easy as using openAI !


Performance boost & cost reduction:

Turbo-charge your LLM apps and cut API costs with our semantic caching, query and context optimization, token healing, super prompts and more!

Reliable development environment:

Focus on your creativity and let us handle the infrastructure. We provide you with a friendly framework and a reliable development environment for your LLM apps and agents.

Growing ecosystem:

We’re building an AI agent ecosystem focused on seamless integration with LangChain and OpenAI platforms. Our comprehensive library includes tools, interchangeable AI components, and customizable prompt templates to enhance large language model performance in accuracy, reliability, latency, and security.

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Interested in building the future of AGI agents?

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In this role, you will:

1. Learn from the best in the tech industry, such as professionals from top companies like FANGG (Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft)

2. Collaborate with me (Prev: Co-Founder @ Animall, Raised $21M & Revolutionized Livelihoods for 10M Dairy Farmers)

3. Grow your AI knowledge and skills in a dynamic environment

No need to worry about:

1. Your academic grades
2. Not having any AI development experience

You just need to:

1. Be curious and passionate about AI and its possibilities
2. Have some coding and back-end experience